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At UC San Diego we have - call number & bar code on cassette
spine. Property label on cassette front "top", below title. The box has
call number & barcode on one end (sits spine up on shelf) Property label
on front, at bottom.


At 04:14 PM 4/26/01 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi All,
>OK, may not be the most exciting question, but I am looking for other
>opinions/options for lableing and processing videotapes. Our tech services
>dept. would like to "streamline" the processing and labeling of videos in
>our collection. Currently we have title labels on the top and spine of
>each video, as well as a bar code and the College's name and address on the
>top of the video. The labels are taped on to prevent peeling off. We
>also have a spine title label and a "Please Do Not Desensitize" label on
>each outer case. Does anyone have a less cumbersome labeling process? Can
>we get away with fewer labels? Anyone think taping over the labels is
>redundant? Have others had problems with the labels peeling off?
>I'd be curious to know how others label their tapes to make them easily
>identifiable and "VCR friendly". Is there a minimum folks think we can get
>away with? Any and all feedback appreciated. Forgive me if this has
>already been discussed to death - I just don't remember if it has.
>Thanks much for your thoughts!
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