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Fri, 27 Apr 2001 07:15:25 -0700 (PDT)

We believe in overkill here too, but it doesn't appear that you can have too
few labels in a public circulating collection! On the cassette itself we put a
barcode label and a 3M security strip with the paper cover label; on that we
stamp our name and address. Inside the case we put another sticker with our
name and address, plus a "Return to Place of Issue Only" reminder (we don't
transfer videos from one branch to another). On the outside of the case we put
a custom-made label warning the patron of the possible fines for overdues, not
rewinding, or leaving in the bookdrop; a separate "Do Not Put in Bookdrop"
label; another custom-made label indicating the loan period (since videos are
loaned for only 2 or 7 days, unlike the 21 day book loan period); on the spine
we print a label with the title as it is catalogued in the database (since we
all know publishers like to "improve" titles for better sales potential); a
genre label for features (comedy, thriller, children, etc) and a color coded
dot for educational/documentary videos which alerts the pages to which section
they belong in (we don't assign call numbers to videos at CPL - though I hear
that may be coming - instead we file them by title in a general subject area).
The title labels are covered over with tape.
This takes a lot of time, but each label is put there in reaction to problems
in the past. Some people still don't read them, but if it's there in print it
cuts down on the length of the argument!
This probably isn't what you wanted to hear, though it may make you feel better
about what you do.

Robin Feinland wrote:

> Hi All,
> OK, may not be the most exciting question, but I am looking for other
> opinions/options for lableing and processing videotapes. Our tech services
> dept. would like to "streamline" the processing and labeling of videos in
> our collection. Currently we have title labels on the top and spine of
> each video, as well as a bar code and the College's name and address on the
> top of the video. The labels are taped on to prevent peeling off. We
> also have a spine title label and a "Please Do Not Desensitize" label on
> each outer case. Does anyone have a less cumbersome labeling process? Can
> we get away with fewer labels? Anyone think taping over the labels is
> redundant? Have others had problems with the labels peeling off?
> I'd be curious to know how others label their tapes to make them easily
> identifiable and "VCR friendly". Is there a minimum folks think we can get
> away with? Any and all feedback appreciated. Forgive me if this has
> already been discussed to death - I just don't remember if it has.
> Thanks much for your thoughts!
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