Re: ABC News Videos

Barbara Black (
Fri, 20 Apr 2001 12:24:28 -0700 (PDT)

Incredible. I would have sent the tape back, too. Just confirms my
opinion of and experiences with the commercial broadcast networks.

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>Here is a good one!
>We received information about the video "Freedom Writers" from this web
>site: and ordered the tape from
>ABC News Videos. The tape was $76.90 including shipping. When we
>received the video it came with a paper informing us that every 2 years we
>have to pay $25.00 for a site license. I called ABC News to tell them
>the website advertising for this video does not say anything about this
>site license. ABC News Videos said that every two years they would send
>out an invoice for the $25.00, unless I returned the video today. If we
>decide we do not want the video tape after 2 years we still have to pay
>for the license. They do not want the tapes back, they just want the
>I will be sending this video back. Does anyone have any comments on this?
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