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I recommend the series: Nature Perfected: The Story Of The Garden
(available from FACETS and others). The first installment seems to meet
your requirements:

Paradise On Earth. Ancient Spirits, China And Japan. In Paradise
on Earth the search for the perfect garden takes the
viewer from a mountain
corn patch in Mexico to the emperor's private park in
Tokyo. Film explores
Japan's Shinto shrines, the water lilies that inspired
Monet in France, the
regal avenues of Versailles and the majesty of nature's
perfect garden,
Yosemite. Ancient spirits, China and Japan examines the
gardens of China
which has the oldest garden tradition in the world. In
a tour of exquisite
gardens, the viewer learns the role of water and rocks
in the Chinese
sanctuary and how Chinese methods are splendidly
adapted to the Japanese
landscape. 55 min.

Another that might be useful (from Films for the Humanities)

Buddha in the land of the Kami (Japan past and present ; [1])
Begins with the creation myth of Japan and explains the
origin and scope of the Kami concept; explains the
arrival of Buddhism and how Buddhism and the Kami were
assimilated; discusses the role of Chinese culture,
style, and writing in Japanese culture; and
demonstrates how the Japanese garden epitomizes the
Japanese view of the relationship between man and
nature, space, time, and reality.

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>I would like to consult the collective wisdom and mental indexes. I am
>looking for videos on Japanese gardens, especially the Daisen-in and the
>dry, raked gardens. Does anyone have any titles or sources, please.
>As a matter of fact, since we collect only videos on art, does anyone have
>any really great sources for Asian art and history in general. I'm also
>always looking for videos on India.
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