3M DVD/CD security target

Deg Farrelly (DEG.FARRELLY@asu.edu)
Tue, 17 Apr 2001 11:21:58 -0700 (PDT)

Recently the list has discussed security measures / devices for DVDs and

I would like to inform others on the list of recent conversations with 3M
regarding their new "donut" target. We generally try to avoid discussing
specific vendors on this list, but on this issue it is not possible to not
mention 3M.

We have been waiting for the release of this product for close to 2 years,
and have communicated our interest to 3M, thru our rep, several times. It
is also thru our rep that we solicited price quotes on new security gates.
I discovered 3M had released the new targets when I spotted them at the
exhibits at the Computers in Libraries Conference.

We scheduled the 3M rep to visit the campus, specifically to discuss the new
targets. When the rep came, she brought along only three (3) targets, but
said that she would send us more. The rep and her corporate companion spent
quite some time looking at our new security gates (which are not 3M) before
meeting with us.

I would like other members of this list to know what we learned from this

1) 3M claims that after 24 hours the "donut" targets are permanent, and
virtually impossible to remove. 2 weeks after affixing one to a CD, we were
able to pull it off without any problem.
2) The new "donut" targets work ONLY with the latest 3M security gates
3) If you do not have the latest model of 3M gates, 3M will NOT sell you
the targets.

We continue to explore other options including adjusting the settings on our
security gates, and talking with Vernon about alternative targets for CDs
and DVDs. But needless to say, we are VERY disappointed in 3M

Just thought others on this list should know.

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