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I don't know what the product I have is called, but on some of my personal DVD's I have a plastic shield (attaches to the center of the disc with adhesive). It clings to the disk and is rather difficult to detect once it is in place. I put them on the DVD's my young children play most frequently. I had to replace one of them which was bent when I repeatedly flipped the shield up to show it to my co-workers. The shield does not affect the play at all. The only drawback I can find is that they are rather pricey--somewhere in the vicinity of $1-$1.50 each. I got mine at an office supply store (Office Max perhaps?).

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There is a product on the market sold by CD Playright called Quick Shield,
but I haven't checked it out yet. Here's the url:


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> DVD's are just like CD's - surface scratches can prevent them from playing
> properly; and like CD's, I don't think anyone has ever come up with any
> sort of protective surface which will keep them from scratching AND allow
> them to play (someone told me that there is a plastic laminated cover that
> is supposed to protect them, but I can't imagine it wouldn't create more
> playing problems than the scratches). RTI is supposed to be developing a
> machine for CD/DVD inspection and polishing that will take care of
> relatively minor surface damage, but the last I heard it is behind
> schedule in its release.
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> On Mon, 16 Apr 2001, Lucinda Dubinski wrote:
> > Has anyone else experienced any problems with DVD's developing
> > ?? We've had a few that apparently have gotten scratched and therefore
> > won't play. Is there some kind of extra coating, or cleaning and
> > that can be done to lessen this problem?
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> > Thanks for any suggestions. Cindy
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