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LeeAnne Krause (
Fri, 13 Apr 2001 12:39:33 -0700 (PDT)

We're a closed stack library as well, and we have had the same problems as you, but then again, as the saying goes, "a lack of preparation on their part does not constitute an emergency on our part." We insist on a high level of customer service at all times, but when we close, WE CLOSE. Someone who doesn't arrive on time, just doesn't get their stuff today. We just very nicely say, "I'm sorry, but we're closing now." This may sound crass in black and white, but since we're so accomodating the rest of the time, folks don't really get offended when we're firm on this point. And then maybe they'll think ahead next time, and everyone will be happier.
LeeAnne Krause
U of S Carolina

>>> 04/13/01 01:47PM >>>
During recent months the number of last minute customers has increased
dramatically. Since we're a closed-stack public library video
collection, this has necessitated 10 minutes or so of daily overtime for
the staff.

How do other libraries handle the last-minute onslaught? One of the
staff's suggestions is to stop checking out materials during the last 15
minutes of the day, only accept returning items. Another proposal is to
increase the number of staff on duty. A third thought is to turn off
most of the lights and computers 15 minutes before closing.

Can anyone offer methods that work and still maintain a welcoming
atmosphere? Thanks!

Michael Vollmar-Grone
Amos Memorial Public Library
230 East North Street
Sidney, Ohio  45365 

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