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Fri, 13 Apr 2001 12:18:14 -0700 (PDT)

We turn off the most of the lights and make an announcement 10 minutes
before closing. Our customers usually get the hint and file toward the
check out desks.

Tulsa City-County Library
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We have several procedures that need to be completed after closing,
therefore every evening two staff members are scheduled to work for an hour
after closing (they come in an hour later than usual ). Those individuals
take care of any last minute customers. Maybe you could schedule some of
your staff members, taking turns throughout the week, to come in 15 minutes
later than their regular starting time and leaving 15 minutes later at the
end of the day. We also make several closing announcements at around 10
minutes before closing, that usually helps to speed things up a bit.

Patricia Bustamante
Video Department
Houston Public Library

Michael Vollmar-Grone wrote:

> During recent months the number of last minute customers has increased
> dramatically. Since we're a closed-stack public library video
> collection, this has necessitated 10 minutes or so of daily overtime for
> the staff.
> How do other libraries handle the last-minute onslaught? One of the
> staff's suggestions is to stop checking out materials during the last 15
> minutes of the day, only accept returning items. Another proposal is to
> increase the number of staff on duty. A third thought is to turn off
> most of the lights and computers 15 minutes before closing.
> Can anyone offer methods that work and still maintain a welcoming
> atmosphere? Thanks!
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