Re: Media Center heaven

Mark Richie (
Wed, 11 Apr 2001 14:57:01 -0700 (PDT)

Coordinate with campus IT department for band width that would allow
streaming and/or store and forward video distribution to both classrooms
and dorm rooms.

Get professors that already use you to raise the expectation that
students should be able to watch an assigned video ahead of time as part
of class preperation (everything from chem labs to art appreciation)
allowing more time in class for face to face/hands on work.

Budget for IP Transmission Rights across campus (curriculum titles first
- documentary types and feature titles are a hard or expensive sell for
these rights.) Figure $300 to $500 a title. Discounts with volume. Don't
let them require a renewal fee after five years.

Latch into the President's thing about wireless for possible broad
bandwidth video file delivery and Web access to the campus buildings
(classroom and dorm.) She/He's hung up on distribution modes - and you
get what you need for making access to content easier. Check with
SPRINT and others about their programs for big bandwidth wireless.

Other stuff: A well equiped video post production lab with assistance.
Printers in the lab that work.
Signs! Signs that help patrons find stuff, work equipment and become
self-sufficient in the Media Library.
Build the library from the start with 100BaseT from the start - that
includes extra $ for the routers etc that will handle 100 MbS.
Look into wireless for this - it's gonna cost, but if wireless floats
the President's boat . . ...

The president really gets "giggly," send me pictures.

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> If any of you were going to build or renovate to create the best academic
> library media center EVER--what would you include?
> Thanks!
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