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Okay, I see that I must define the parameters more succinctly. We are a
small liberal arts college with about 2200-2400 students. Our president
gets giggly about wireless technology, not libraries. We don't have a film
studies major, though we do have a minor and several departments use
video/DVD heavily: languages, English crit, soc/anthro. We have a strong
collection: 5000 CDs, nearly 9000 videos, now starting buy heavily in DVD.
Does this paint the picture more succinctly. So...I'm looking for heaven,
but then having to see how we can work towards heaven step by step...

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>Ditto, Gary.
>I would add an endowment for media acquisition only which produces an annual
>media purchasing budget of $1 million.
>Milos Stehlik
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>>If any of you were going to build or renovate to create the best academic
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