Re: Bicylcle safety videos
Thu, 5 Apr 2001 15:43:17 -0700 (PDT)

I am an independent filmmaker (on the list to do research for the national
self-distribution coop New Day Films) who produced 2 bike safety videos
one for 4th-6th graders, 1 for k-3 for the Alaska Highway Safety Planning
Agency. Our goal was to produce fun videos in a more rural setting than most
of the existing tapes. If you are interested I can find away for you to get
some copies. They played at a film festival in Berkely too!

Ellen Frankenstein
New Day Films
PO Box 6224
Sitka, Alaska 99835

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<<Hi Gang, I have a board member who is also a teacher involved with a
bicycle safety course for children ages 7-12. Can anyone recommend 1-4
good bicycle safety videos for that age group - 1-20 min in length each.
Please provide dist./vendor and ph. # contact information as well as
titles. Thanks ever so much.

Jim Scholtz
Yankton Community Library
515 Walnut St.
Yankton, SD 57078
(605) 668-5276; FAX 668-5277