Re: Does right to make a "video" copy = a DVD copy?

susan davis-dehut (
Tue, 3 Apr 2001 16:22:52 -0700 (PDT)

P&E Films is still in business - I just rented a video from them a couple
of weeks ago. Their address and phone are:

3334 E. Coast Hwy #252
Corona Del Mar, CA 92625

Sue DeHut
Linfield College

--On Tuesday, April 3, 2001 3:59 PM -0700 SDavies@MtRoyal.AB.CA wrote:

> We have hung on to our _Three approaches to psychotherapy_ thru
> several generations of copying. We paid the Everett Shostrom Co.
> (Psychological & Educational Films) for the right to copy our 16mm to
> 3/4", and again a few years later to copy the 3/4" to another video copy
> up to three times. It's my impression that this series has fallen
> between the cracks and there is no one with whom to negotiate more copies.
> As we approach the need to copy these valuable programs for a third
> and final time, I'm wondering if the wording of our contract is loose
> enough to allow us to make a DVD copy.
> Here's the text:
> <<<
> Mount Royal College is authorized to make one to three video copies of the
> previously purchases films(s):
> "Three approaches to psychotherapy"
> This authorizes classroom and lab use by faculty and students, for the
> life of the tape(s), only at and by the college, university or
> organization purchasing this authorization.
> This authorization does not include the right to electronically transmit,
> or to loan or rent the tapes (or the originally purchased film print(s))
> to other persons or organizations.
> I know the wording says "life of the tapes", but the authorization
> says "video copies". Could that be stretched to a DVD copy? DVDs didn't
> exist in 1990, the last time we had contact with the production company.
> How would you interpret the situation where we are prepared to pay a
> third time for copying rights, but cannot find anyone with whom to
> negotiate? Should we just record our attempts to find the company, then
> do whatever we need to do?
> Stephen Davies
> Mount Royal College, Library