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At UCSD Libraries there is a separate media fund which I
control. Bibliographers can purchase (the more the better) videos from
their own funds. We sometimes split very expensive titles, or large,
specific area, volume purchases - say 100 Columbia films. In general, the
media fund covers the majority of media purchases.


At 08:05 AM 4/2/01 -0700, you wrote:
>Hello all, I have some questions for those who select media materials for
>academic institutions. Presently, I control an acquisitions budget for the
>university film/video library. I work with faculty, and librarians who
>have responsibilities for selecting monographic materials in the
>disciplines of art, literature and science. The collections librarians
>purchase videos with their own acquisitions funds (infrequently) that end
>up in the film/video collection. In general, I select materials that
>support the instructional mission of the university, and the collections
>librarians select video materials that support research. Occasionally, we
>share resources to purchase expensive materials or materials that are not
>obviously instruction or research-oriented. Do any of you work with a
>budget arrangement where a portion of the collections librarians'
>acquisitions budgets are allocated for media materials (and basically
>subtracted from the film/video library budget), from which the librarians
>can select media materials on their own, or they consult with the
>film/video librarian for selection? At the heart of this question is how
>much do we try to involve the "regular" librarians in the process of
>selecting videos. This arrangement would involve questions of equity and
>differences in faculty use of the library related to the budget allocation
>between the various disciplines, and, ultimately, who controls the funds.
>You also may handle your media funds in ways other than those outlined above.
>Sorry for the lengthy note. I would appreciate your perspectives.
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