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Mon, 2 Apr 2001 09:03:14 -0700 (PDT)

The way we handle video acquisitions is as follows: a portion of the annual acquisitions budget for the library system is allocated for each academic department. From these departmental budgets, faculty can request purchases of any kind of materials, including books and videos. Also, the Film LIbrary has its own budget allocation, from which solely the A/V librarian makes purchases. So if one source of funding runs out, the patron can consult the other. But the short answer to your question, is no, we don't have more than one librarian buying out of the same a/v materials budget.
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Hello all, I have some questions for those who select media materials
for academic institutions. Presently, I control an acquisitions
budget for the university film/video library. I work with faculty,
and librarians who have responsibilities for selecting monographic
materials in the disciplines of art, literature and science. The
collections librarians purchase videos with their own acquisitions
funds (infrequently) that end up in the film/video collection. In
general, I select materials that support the instructional mission of
the university, and the collections librarians select video materials
that support research. Occasionally, we share resources to purchase
expensive materials or materials that are not obviously instruction
or research-oriented. Do any of you work with a budget arrangement
where a portion of the collections librarians' acquisitions budgets
are allocated for media materials (and basically subtracted from the
film/video library budget), from which the librarians can select
media materials on their own, or they consult with the film/video
librarian for selection? At the heart of this question is how much do
we try to involve the "regular" librarians in the process of
selecting videos. This arrangement would involve questions of equity
and differences in faculty use of the library related to the budget
allocation between the various disciplines, and, ultimately, who
controls the funds. You also may handle your media funds in ways
other than those outlined above.

Sorry for the lengthy note. I would appreciate your perspectives.



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