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The input from librarians will depend upon how much funding is going to be
allotted for media, faculty input with respect to specific courses, and how
current the other librarians are with respect to AV titles. Within our
department, 1/4 of the budget is allocated to our media collection. As the
person in charge of media, I get input from faculty members across the
curriculum for titles that will be used in the classroom. For example, the
History Dept. teaches a course called History 10-World History. Any title
we purchase for this course is incorporated into the course syllabus and is
assigned each semester. Of course the Instructor(s) preview and approve for
purchase or disapprove. Because many faculty members across the curriculum
are busy teaching or involved in other projects, those departments that
respond in a timely manner get requested titles faster. On a number of
occasions, budgeting has come from grants
which involve anywhere from $10,000.00 to $25,000.00 depending the size of
the grant.
Our "regular" librarians are actively involved in the selection process as
we have what is called a "mediagraphy list for every course taught here at
our campus. This list is placed on our Program Board where students can view
the AV titles listed for each course. The list is in A-Z format and will
soon be seen on our website page. The listings follow the text and syllabus
provided by the Instructor. Each
of the librarians in the media center are assigned a specific
area of concentration, e.g. social sciences, pure sciences, etc..

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> Hello all, I have some questions for those who select media materials
> for academic institutions. Presently, I control an acquisitions
> budget for the university film/video library. I work with faculty,
> and librarians who have responsibilities for selecting monographic
> materials in the disciplines of art, literature and science. The
> collections librarians purchase videos with their own acquisitions
> funds (infrequently) that end up in the film/video collection. In
> general, I select materials that support the instructional mission of
> the university, and the collections librarians select video materials
> that support research. Occasionally, we share resources to purchase
> expensive materials or materials that are not obviously instruction
> or research-oriented. Do any of you work with a budget arrangement
> where a portion of the collections librarians' acquisitions budgets
> are allocated for media materials (and basically subtracted from the
> film/video library budget), from which the librarians can select
> media materials on their own, or they consult with the film/video
> librarian for selection? At the heart of this question is how much do
> we try to involve the "regular" librarians in the process of
> selecting videos. This arrangement would involve questions of equity
> and differences in faculty use of the library related to the budget
> allocation between the various disciplines, and, ultimately, who
> controls the funds. You also may handle your media funds in ways
> other than those outlined above.
> Sorry for the lengthy note. I would appreciate your perspectives.
> Thanks!
> -Jeff
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