DVD rewinders

Sun, 1 Apr 2001 14:34:56 -0700 (PDT)

Hi all,

I'm wondering if anyone on the list knows where I could get hold of some DVD
rewinders. As with our VHS tapes we're having a lot of DVDs returned half
or fully played but not rewound. "Be kind please rewind" stickers do no
good and lots of patrons are ticked off because they're having to rewind
first. So I thought I'd outfit the branches with some DVD rewinders, but
darned if I can find any--none available from the usual AV supply sources,
and amazingly even RTI neglected to include a rewind feature on their new
DiscChek machine. I can't figure out why these things haven't shown up yet,
but I guess VHS rewinders weren't too common in the early years of that
format either. Anyway, if someone can point out an obvious ordering source
I've overlooked, I'd appreciate it.


Peter Cartford
AV Librarian
Johnson County Library
Overland Park, KS