3M DVD rings (Was: Re: DVD balance problems)

Deg Farrelly (DEG.FARRELLY@asu.edu)
Fri, 30 Mar 2001 13:27:53 -0800 (PST)

The 3M security rings for CDs/DVDs are out. 3M displayed them at the
Computers in Libraries conference in DC earlier in March.

Unfortunately, apparently the new rings only work with the latest version of
3M's security gates. (A point 3M failed to mention in their bid when we
replaced our gates this year)

3M does maintain that after 24 hours the labels become permanent. We
already use paper labels on CDs, so are testing whether the 3M rings also
become permanent when affixed to the current paper rings.

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> Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2001 09:20:51 +0800
> From: Lisa Kwan <lblisak@polyu.edu.hk>
> Subject: Re: DVD balance problems
> Yes, my Library has done the same thing and has faced the same problem.
> We then
> finally give up and only attach ordinary tattle tape on the container. We
> are
> still awaiting the 3M DVD security tape - a small ring attaching to the
> center of
> the disc. We have tried the sample but worried that it can be easily
> taken off by
> users.
> Lisa Kwan
> Media Services Librarian
> Pao Yue-kong Library
> The Hong Kong Polytechnic University