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Yes it is the same Mitch Block who has helped so many documentarians. He
would know how to contact Tracey Seretan (sp?) sorry, the filmmaker. The
film is excellent. Margaret Lazarus

At 12:51 PM 3/29/01 -0800, you wrote:
>After watching the AA awards lasat week and seeing that "Big Mamma" won for
>Best short documentary, I was going to put this inquiry to the vidlist serv
>group but got in a quagmire of work. Then, upon perusing the list today, I
>saw the inquiry about the doucmentary being available on video and I just
>had to ask this question. In her thankyou comments, the producer of "Big
>Mamma" acknowledged some people who had helped her - among them was
>Mitchell Block. I was wondering if this was the same Mitchell Block of
>Direct Cinema, Ltd.? Anyone hazard a guess? Also, I've been trying to
>locate a source for the video "The Man Who Planted Trees" -- this is
>probably the best video I've ever seen (ok, I've lead a sheltered life), --
>it's got action, pathos, great narration and visuals, etc. Thanks for any
>information. Jim Scholtz.
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