CA Libraries & Drugs

Jessica Rosner (
Wed, 28 Mar 2001 10:59:33 -0800 (PST)

Hope that got your attention

A question for any of California Librarians ( that means you Gary)
I sometimes receive these absurd forms with orders from California
Public Institutions that in order to be paid for an order we must
CERTIFY that we are a "drug free workplace". I find this both offensive and
ridiculous. They do not ask us to certify that we are Alcohol, Murder,
Racist, Sexist etc free just drugs. I realize this is just a silly law
passed by some legislators with too much time on their hands but I find it
very disturbing and as a matter of principle I will not sign these forms
Usually nothing happens but recently after a correspondence with a
University Librarian she returned an order. I don't care about the lost
order or even any further lost orders because this is a ridiculous rule but
I wonder how you guys handle this. Incidentally the order in question was
for my women directors series which unlike most other Kino titles is NOT
available from any other source so this means that the University in
question will never carry these titles.

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