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Pat Means (
Tue, 27 Mar 2001 10:26:38 -0800 (PST)

Russ Bassett has compact media storage systems called Gemtrac. Advanced
Office Systems out of Houston, TX, (713)932-9527, is a vendor for them or I
believe Gaylord, 1-800-634-6307, may have these systems. They are $$$$$
but appear to be a very good product. If you need anymore information I
think you can probably search the web and find out more about this product.

At 08:22 AM 3/27/01 -0800, you wrote:
>Our board has asked us to get new shelving for our very large compact disc
>and cassette collection, (18,000 and growing). Currently, the cds are on
>regular shelves in security cases, but also in old record bins that can be
>browsed. Does anyone have high density shelving which provides easy access
>to the materials by the patrons? I have seen the LIFT products, and I don't
>think that that would provide enough shelving for our current collection in
>the space we have.
>One product we have at one of our branches borrows the record bin concept.
>The cds fit in shelves that are designed as pull out drawers. Each drawer
>can be fitted to hold cds face out, about 5 sections per drawer, each drawer
>holding about 55 singles, facing out, each in a security case. You can put
>7 drawers in a section, without going too high for a 5' 2" person to pull
>out the top drawer and view the contents. Of course, number of cds in a
>shelf would change with double cds and libretto cds in their security cases.
>This is pretty high density, but the drawers are often awkward, needing
>precision work to push back in.
>Thanks for any help.
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