CD Shelving

Tatar, Becky (
Tue, 27 Mar 2001 08:22:57 -0800 (PST)

Our board has asked us to get new shelving for our very large compact disc
and cassette collection, (18,000 and growing). Currently, the cds are on
regular shelves in security cases, but also in old record bins that can be
browsed. Does anyone have high density shelving which provides easy access
to the materials by the patrons? I have seen the LIFT products, and I don't
think that that would provide enough shelving for our current collection in
the space we have.

One product we have at one of our branches borrows the record bin concept.
The cds fit in shelves that are designed as pull out drawers. Each drawer
can be fitted to hold cds face out, about 5 sections per drawer, each drawer
holding about 55 singles, facing out, each in a security case. You can put
7 drawers in a section, without going too high for a 5' 2" person to pull
out the top drawer and view the contents. Of course, number of cds in a
shelf would change with double cds and libretto cds in their security cases.
This is pretty high density, but the drawers are often awkward, needing
precision work to push back in.

Thanks for any help.

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