Re: History of Africa Feedback
Thu, 22 Mar 2001 08:06:43 -0800 (PST)

Dear LaRoi;
Now that I realize you were also interested in other films on African
History, and not a specific series, let me mention that Filmakers Library has
videos on the history of specific countries such as the film" Rwanda " and
"Liberia the Promised Land." as well as several titles on the history of the
African slave trade We have a brochure"Roots and Branches 2001" listing all
of our African Studies titles which I will send to anyone who did not get it
already. If you want to ask for it off the listserve , our address is
Sue Oscar
Filmakers Library
124 East 40th St
New York, NY 10016
tel. 1 800 555 9815
fax 212 808 4983