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Ellen (
Wed, 21 Mar 2001 06:41:22 -0800 (PST)

Hi Mary,

Like Carrie, we are circulating the Rocket eBook. We only circ the eBook in
it's leather zipped case - we don't include the ac adapter or stand. It
seems to be working out ok - the eBook holds the charge for a long time. We
recharge them when they come back in. There is a barcode on the reader
itself, on the back, and we were able to get various stickers on the leather
case without a problem.

We also made up dummy cards with barcodes for each eBook title; those get
checked out as well. If you need any help or clarification - please ask!

Ellen Druda
Media Librarian
Half Hollow Hills Community Library
Dix Hills, NY

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> Our public library will be ordering a dozen e-books on palm computers
> that will be available for checkout to our patrons. We are wondering how
> any other libraries have handled the physical processing of these items?
> All of our a-v requires a certain amount of identity stamping and
> barcode, warning labels etc. The sample we were shown comes in a
> leather-like carrying case which seems to preclude tape sticking to it,
> so how to identify that? It also appears that all the components (power
> cord, stand, etc.) do not necessarily fit in the carrying case. I'd love
> to hear from anyone else who has processed these items for circ. Thanks
> for your help!
> Mary Dexter
> Arapahoe Library District