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Paul Duckworth (
Tue, 20 Mar 2001 12:59:54 -0800 (PST)

Mary, and others interested:

You said your library is purchasing palm computers, which are smaller
than the readers we are using here, but I'll share with you what we're

At my library, we have one Rocket and one RCA/Gemstar ebook reader. We
placed a white label with title and barcode number right on the plastic
housing, on the back side. We secured it with booktape. We didn't
think it through carefully, though, and put the label on the portion of
the housing that is a grip. One of our staff who took the reader home
found it irritating, so we will be moving the label.

Each of these readers comes with its own leatherette case. We put the
reader into its case, then placed a list of titles on the reader,
instructions, guidelines, AC adapter/charger, into a digital camera
bag. We found a Tiffen case at a local camera store for $20. It is
padded, and is the perfect size. On the case handle, we have affixed a
white card/tag with the title of the reader (Ebook Reader One, Ebook
Reader Two) and the barcode. In red letters we alert patrons "do not
place in bookdrop."

This is our webpage for the public that publicizes our involvement with

New York State has been conducting an evaluation of ebooks in
libraries. They have learned a great deal of information and have
published it at:
They developed specific circulation procedures that are available at
their site.

Robin Bryan ( at the Public Library of Charlotte
and Mecklenburg County in NC has been very helpful to me. She and other
staff developed circulation procedures, guidelines, etc. that I found
helpful. Her phone number is: (704)336-4463.

I would be glad to share with you the circulation procedures and
guidelines we developed here and/or Charlotte's. They are very similar.

Let me know if I can help answer any further questions. Thanks, Paul

Paul Duckworth
Collection Development Coordinator
Springfield-Greene County Library District (MO)
417-874-8120 ext 223

Mary Dexter wrote:
> Our public library will be ordering a dozen e-books on palm computers
> that will be available for checkout to our patrons. We are wondering how
> any other libraries have handled the physical processing of these items?
> All of our a-v requires a certain amount of identity stamping and
> barcode, warning labels etc. The sample we were shown comes in a
> leather-like carrying case which seems to preclude tape sticking to it,
> so how to identify that? It also appears that all the components (power
> cord, stand, etc.) do not necessarily fit in the carrying case. I'd love
> to hear from anyone else who has processed these items for circ. Thanks
> for your help!
> Mary Dexter
> Arapahoe Library District