Film & Video Catalogues

Jessica Rosner (
Tue, 20 Mar 2001 12:21:41 -0800 (PST)

Thanks for all the feedback. I promise all the CCUMC members that I will
send you the film catalogue. Now as for the rest of you. Generally we mail
FILM AND VIDEO catalogues to anyone we have tagged as AV/Media which is
usually at the college level. We send the video only catalogue to most
public libraries and generic college libraries ( ones not specified as AV)
The film catalogue would only be of use to those of you that either actually
use film or need to know if we would have Public Performance rights on
certain films (the film catalogue would roughly equate to that though some
titles differ) Now after all that if some of you out there really want a
FILM catalogue and don't think you are currently on the list than please
e-mail me DIRECTLY (

Also a note of advice for those of you who do sometimes need to track down
PPR rights on FEATURE FILMS. In the vast majority of cases these rights
reside with the NON-THEATRICAL distributor ( SWANK, Criterion, New Yorker
etc) NOT with the company listed on the back of the box. There are
exceptions and there are films which you CAN'T license for public showing
even if they do exist on video ( don't ask) but start with the
non-theatrical distributor.

Jessica Rosner
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