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Here are some documentaries that Facets carries that are based on books. If
you have any questions or would like any additional information please feel
free to contact me at your convenience.


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"The American President"

The first 41 chief executives of the nation are profiled in this excellent
survey of the history of the highest political office in the U.S. Based on
the book by Philip B. Kunhardt, Jr., Philip B. Kunhardt III and Peter W.
Kunhardt, the series was written and directed for television by the authors.
Harvard University's Richard E. Neustadt provides commentary as each
installment of the 10-part series covers several presidents linked by a
common theme. For those leaders who came before the advent of sound
recording, a variety of political, military and media figures provided the
voices. Among them are Gen. Colin Powell, former Senator Bob Dole, political
strategist James Carville, radio personality Don Imus and many more. 2000,
ten hours.

VHS: S40875 Five-volume set, closed-captioned. $99.98

"Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam"

More than 30 celebrities read the actual letters of Vietnam veterans
accompanied by striking visual footage and nostalgic music of the times. A
touching salute to those who fought and to those who died. Readers include
Robin Williams, Martin Sheen, Matt Dillon, Willem Dafoe, Tom Berenger,
Howard Rollins Jr., Michael J. Fox, Sean Penn and Kathleen Turner. Based on
the book by the same name.

VHS: S09921 $19.98

"Duke Ellington"

Forest Whitaker narrates this tribute to the great jazz composer, aimed at
children and based on the book by Andrea Davis Pinkney and illustrated by
Brian Pinkney. The program emphasizes how Ellington's music celebrated the
history and experiences of African-Americans. Recommended for ages 5-9. 15 mins.

VHS: S40573 $60.00

"Indians of North America, Collection I:{Indians of North America,
Collection I, Set"

Based on the book by Chelsea House, this ten-volume series describes the
histories and cultures of America's native peoples through examinations of
their music, crafts and ceremonies. Archival footage and photographs help
uncover the truth behind the myths and stereotypes that obscure the original
inhabitants of this land. 30 minutes each.

Indians of North America, Collection I, Set. Includes The Cherokee, The
Cheyenne, The Comanche, The Iroquois, The Maya, The Navajo, The Seminole,
The Yankton Sioux, The Apache and The Aztec.

VHS: S23649 $399.50, $39.95 each individual episode

"Indians of North America, Collection II:{Indians of North America,
Collection II, Set"

The well-regarded book from Chelsea House Publishers inspired this video
series about Native Americans. Both historical and contemporary struggles
are examined by consulting historians and living tribe members. This series
tackles the myths and misconceptions that have long obscured the truth about
the first Americans. Each episode is 30 minutes long.

VHS: S23648 $399.50, 439.95 each individual episode

"A Picture Book of Martin Luther King, Jr."

Based on the book by David A. Adler. A straightforward, fact-filled text
joins with warm, realistic illustrations to capture the life and times of
Dr. King, fostering an appreciation and understanding of his efforts to
secure equal rights for all people. Deals with historical events in a
positive manner. Ages 6-10. 9 minutes.

VHS: S24618 $37.95

"The Prize: 4 Volume Complete Set"

An eight-part documentary based on Daniel Yergin's book on the relationship
between oil, money and politics. The documentary opens with the initial well
drilled in 1859 Pennsylvania, and traces the western democracies' increasing
dependence on oil, the foundation of "oil economies," and the various global
and regional wars fought over its control, including the Iraqi's invasion of
Kuwait and the aftermath of the Gulf War. Narrated by Donald Sutherland, the
program interweaves first-person accounts, interviews, letters and personal
memoirs to create a dazzling and provocative vision. Two programs per tape.
Each tape is approximately 60 mins.

The Prize, 4 Volume Complete Set.

VHS: S17724 $99.95, $49.95 each individual volume

"Tell Me Why: 24-Volume Set"

This series of encyclopedias is based on the book and newspaper series by
Arkady Leokum. Each volume presents and answers over 50 questions with
colorful graphics and film footage, guaranteed to capture any child's

Tell Me Why: 24-Volume Set.

VHS: S26407 $478.80, $19.95 each individual episode

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