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This may be a fortunate coincidence...if I could ask a favor. I have an
elderly neighbor who asked me about selling a poll tax certificate from
Middlebury Precinct, Hardeman County, Tennessee from 1917. Would you be
able to point me in the direction of someone who would be interested in
acquiring it? You don't need to go to any trouble, just point me in a good
direction. I don't know if it has any historical value to anyone or not.


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> As I said in the previous, and incomplete, post, I was raised on print!
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>> I keep all my catalogs for an entire year! I can't live without them!!! I
>> hope I retire before all the catalogs go web-based....I just cannot
stare at
>> a computer 8 hours a day.
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>> Jessica:
>> To be honest, I throw most catalogs straight in to the trash these days
>> Easy to use, with all the necessary purchasing
>> info that I can cut and paste straight into e-mail for our purchasing
>> people.
>> Save the trees...
>> At 09:21 AM 3/15/01 -0800, Jessica Rosner wrote:
>>>Well I hate to reverse the trend on this list but as an evil commercial
>>>I need some help from librarians. I am just about to print our new FILM
>>>( you remember film, the clunky stuff on reels) and I am about to buy some
>>>mailing lists
>>>& CCUMC but I am wondering
>> if
>>>CCUMC list is relevant. Are any of you guys members ? It seems more
>> oriented
>>>technology than content so I am not sure if I want to spend the money
>>>mailing a film
>>> We can of course do Public Performance Video
>>>screenings on most of the titles in our "film" catalogue but I am
trying to
>>>limit the mailing to people who would in
>>>fact need sources for PUBLIC showings of films.
>>>Feel free to e-mail me Directly so as not to clutter up the list with
>>>Jessica Rosner
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