Re: VCR advice

Kathleen E. Pallan (
Fri, 16 Mar 2001 13:17:04 -0800 (PST)

My old Panasonic AG-2200 are still working (it's been here longer than me 10+
years) and was never treated with kid gloves. I have a new Panasonic
AG-1320, that we use these for lending and duplicating (only about 2 years
old). They all get less use now. I just got a Panasonic monitor/recorder
AG513D Pro Line to use to do my cataloging of video tapes. I just started
using it and I hate having to use the remote to pause, but the new ones are
all like that. I type information in from the screen, that is why the pause
is important, it sits next to my cataloging computer. A tip I was told , was
do my rewinding on a rewinder not the recorder, we do that for items that come
back not rewound, but I never purchased a second one to use at my desk. One
tip I do follow is I do is a full stop, before I rewind. I was told by our
repair person that this causes less wear on the machine. Hope this helps.

"Sally S. Wellman" wrote:

> We are looking for a rugged VCR that will stand up to our demands. The
> junk that we are forced to buy on state contract can't stand up to our
> work. We just seem to wear out the machines by constantly inserting and
> ejecting tapes. Basically, we will use this VCR to watch only a few
> minutes of a tape to gather cataloging information, check for damage, etc.
> -- we never use it to record or for screenings.
> Thanks in advance for any suggestions you may send my way.
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