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Facets' Movie Lovers Video Guide is chock full of "best" lists. If you or
anyone else would like a copy please let me know. See description below.

Ever wonder what your colleagues would find to be their most influential films?

Now's your chance to find out. Educational and media luminaries such as
BARBARA VICTOR list their personal best from the world of cinema, along with
other movie buffs, artists and filmmakers, who contributed lists of the ten
films that influenced them most to the "centerfold" of the 2001 edition of

The 150-page FACETS MOVIE LOVERS VIDEO GUIDE is a compendium of hundreds of
lists of films, all of which are available through Facets Multimedia on VHS
or DVD. Facets describes it as "the ultimate catalog of movie pleasures."

The profusely illustrated oversize (10 x 14) catalog contains descriptions
and credits for over 3,000 videos and DVDs. It is the paramount catalog of
lists. These lists range from the top 450 foreign films on video to the
entire Library of Congress National Film Registry - films designated as
national treasures - which are available on video. More fun lists include a
top 10 list of spaghetti westerns, and HEAVEN SENT: THE VATICAN'S LIST OF

Drawing on the enormous resources of the Facets Video collection, the FACETS
MOVIE LOVERS VIDEO GUIDE helps a movie lover chart his course through the
morass of mainstream media with the help of such lists as the horror fan's
ghouliest shock film recommendations, the best love stories on video, the
top American independent features, all of the Cannes Film Festival Palme
d'Or winners, and all of the Sundance Film Festival winners available on video.

At a time when video industry statistics and research point to video renters
"tuning out" of the mainstream video releases to search for classic,
foreign, and independent videos, the FACETS MOVIE LOVERS VIDEO GUIDE is a
unique guide to thousands of cinematic treasures forever preserved - on
video. In the FACETS MOVIE LOVERS VIDEO GUIDE, readers can not only find
obscure video titles, but ponder such essential questions as what are the
films with the coolest title credits, the top 10 samurai epics, and the top
10 "worst weather films." The Guide revisits such nostalgic formats as
Vistavision and Cinemascope, tracks famous actors and actresses as they make
their way to the sanitorium ("Off to the Sanitorium"), and surveys the most
famous voyeurs captured on celluloid.

A special section highlights "Directors to Watch" -- filmmakers on video who
are hot in film festival and critical circles, like Abbas Kiarostami, Atom
Egoyan, and Lars von Trier.

Another unusual list is titled FACETS' OSCAR PICKS -- Academy award-winners
and what should have won that year -- highlighting not only the Academy's
honors, but its sometimes gross oversights. These range from the first
Academy Awards in 1927 which awarded WINGS instead of Murnau's SUNRISE, the
1931 Academy Awards which didn't even nominate CITY LIGHTS from Charlie
Chaplin and gave the award to CIMARRON, or more recent slights like the 1980
Best Picture award to ORDINARY PEOPLE rather than RAGING BULL, and the 1989
Best Picture for DRIVING MISS DAISY instead of DO THE RIGHT THING.

Copies of the FACETS MOVIE LOVERS VIDEO GUIDE are available free from Facets
Video, 1517 West Fullerton Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60614, by calling
1-800-331-6197, by emailing sales@facets.org, or from Facets web site at:

If you have any questions regarding this message or would like any
additional information please feel free to contact me at your convenience.
Thank you.


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