Re: "Best" lists

Paul Duckworth (
Fri, 16 Mar 2001 12:17:05 -0800 (PST)

I use to see if a movie has won an award. We generally
don't purchase movies made after the 1960's unless they are award
winners, general family entertainment, or children's entertainment. The
problem with awards is that there are so many different "groups" that
give out film awards. Someone else can no doubt speak more articulately
about this, but what I decided is to focus on Academy Awards (best
picture, actor, actress), British academy awards (aka British Academy of
Film and Television Arts Awards), and the AFI Top 100 lists

Using these awards above would give your library a good beginning point
for purchase decisions and help give your collection a clear focus.
Hope this helps.

Paul Duckworth
Collection Development Coordinator
Springfield-Greene County Library District

Ellen wrote:
> Remember me, the poor schlemeil librarian that could only order
> award-winning videos? I may be able to get some leeway if a title is on a
> "best" type list. What should I look for? Who makes those lists?
> Ellen
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> Ellen Druda
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