Re(2): videos, distance education, & fair use

Cheryl Joyce (
Thu, 15 Mar 2001 14:53:10 -0800 (PST)

We are facing the same issue on our campus, Bowling Green State
University. We have a videotape called "COPYRIGHT LAW: WHAT EVERY SCHOOL,
AND LIBRARY SHOULD KNOW" produced by Association for Information, Media
and Equipment. Although it's a little dated (late 80's), they do address
this specific issue. According to this source, it is a direct violation
to use legally acquired media in the distance learning scenario. The
"transmission" of copyright protected material without specific permission
is NOT allowed. It doesn't have to go as far as "broadcast", but simply
transmitting it beyond the walls of the geographically unified classroom,
regardless of the technology used, is a violation.

My suggestions, (and our proposed solutions), you can pick what ever best
fits your needs:

1. eat the cost and buy two copies (or more if we're talking about more
than one distance site)
2. produce all of your own media (don't use and stock photos, footage
and/or music)
3. change the lesson plan to avoid the use of media. If no one uses it,
maybe the rules will change?


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