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FFH offers Facing the Truth with Bill Moyers. Following is a description:
Facing the Truth with Bill Moyers
The years 1960 through 1994 were a time of terror in South Africa. With the
destruction of the yoke of apartheid in 1994, South Africa has had to come
to terms with its oppressive past: recrimination and punishment, or
forgiveness? This compelling program describes the efforts of the Truth and
Reconciliation Commission (TRC) to investigate human rights violations, to
heal the country, and to help South Africa in its process of reinvention.
Prize-winning journalist Bill Moyers and producer-director Gail Pellett
speak with apartheid victims to hear their stories firsthand. Additional
interviews with Nobel laureate and TRC architect Archbishop Desmond Tutu,
former officers of state security, counterterrorists, and
journalistscombined with footage of some of the most dramatic
confrontations that occurred during the TRC hearingsround out this powerful
documentary. As the U.S. wrestles with its own heritage of discrimination
and injustice, the TRCs process offers insights into how America might
improve its own future through reconciliation and forgiveness. (2 hours,
Item: 8798
Format: VHS
List Price: $159.00
Copyright date: 1999

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I'm hoping the list can help me with this. My brother is teaching a
university course and is looking for documentaries that would cover the

- the truth and reconciliation hearings in South Africa
- the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, which the
Canadian Louise
Arbour used to be Chief Prosecutor for.

The CBC say they have nothing that they could locate.


Darryl Wiggers