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Scenario Four is the only one of the four that would qualify under
section 110(1).
The Students are getting credit, so we have to presume that this is
part of regular and systematic instruction sanctioned by the school.
The professor of the project will be present, so we are good on
Having a guest lecturer is moot.
Lets also assume the tape is lawfully obtained.

The only gray area I see is if the screening is open to others outside
the class - students or the general public. 110(1) is silent on this.
If I have a guest(s) in my classroom, do I have to throw them out before
showing the tape? My opinion is no.

Number 4. At worst, in the style of Ivan Bender, you might be doing 6o
in a 55 zone.

Mark Richie

Collette Ford wrote:
> Here are a couple of copyright question scenarios related to showing videos to student groups on campus that I'd like the groups' opinion about:
> 1) student group wants to show video during their meeting
> 2) student group wants to show video during their meeting and have discussion led by faculty advisor
> 3) student group has invited faculty member to give lecture and faculty member will show video
> 4) student group is working with faculty member on project for which they get academic credit; want to show video at meeting with lecture by guest faculty
> In my limited understanding, scenario #1 would be considered a public performance. Is that right? Can the face-to-face teaching exemption be extended to scenarios #2, #3, or #4 where some teaching is occurring???
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