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On a related note... can someone point me to a public domain color film (or
still) in which appears the coronation of King Richard (I or II). He was
crowned while heavily bedecked in gold.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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Madness of King George
Elizabeth and Essex (1939)
Private life of Henry VIII (1933)
Becket (1964)
Man for All Seasons, A (1966)
Cromwell (1970)
Disraeli (1929)
Anne of the Thousand Days (1969)
Lancelot du Lac (1974)
Young Winston (1972)

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>>One of our political science faculty is compiling media for a new course
>>on the development of government in Great Britain from King Arthur
>>forward, particularly as the developments influenced the U.S. form of
>>government. He has selected several titles including A Man For All
>>Seasons; Elizabeth R; Elizabeth (Cate Blanchett); A Civil Action; Yes,
>>Minister; Yes, Prime Minister; The Rainmaker. Suggestions for additional
>>titles will be appreciated.
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