DVD Audio explained

Barb Bergman (barbara.bergman@angelo.edu)
Thu, 1 Mar 2001 07:24:09 -0800 (PST)

Thought you might find this interesting. I was entertained by the way they
cheerily tell you that you'll need to buy both a DVD-audio player and
DVD-video player to fully use both formats. Now I know why they changed the
V in DVD to mean "versatile," they actually meant "let's see how many
different players we can get people to buy for these little discs..."

Taken from the latest Rhino Records E-Newsletter:
>If you're reading this e-mail it's clear you're no technophobe. But even
>the technically savvy may be a little in the dark on DVD Audio, a new
>format promising a vastly improved listening experience. Let us shed some
>DVD Audio discs offer much better mastering than standard audio CDs, as
>well as supplemental visual material. In particular, DVD-A titles have been
>mixed for six channel surround sound (all discs also include a stereo mix)
>for playback through home theater systems. To experience DVD-A in all its
>glory, you need a DVD Audio player, which will also play regular CDs (and
>in many cases, DVD movies). If you have a DVD Video player, you can also
>listen to DVD-A discs on it, though you won't be able to see the extra
>visual content. If all you have is a CD player, though, you're out of luck
>-- only machines with a DVD logo will play DVD-A. Releases began trickling
>into stores at the end of last year, with many more to come in 2001.
>Rhino prides itself on being at the cutting edge of things, so naturally we
>have a few releases lined up for the launch of DVD Audio. In stores now are
>titles from Emerson, Lake & Palmer (Brain Salad Surgery, already a top
>seller!), Firesign Theater (the legendary laughmakers also put out Rhino's
>first-ever comedy CD years back), and Deep Purple (Machine Head). Releases
>from Foreigner (their platinum-selling debut), Alice Cooper (Billion Dollar
>Babies), and George Benson (Breezin') will follow later this year. Find out
>more at www.rhino.com/new/articles/dvdaudio.html

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