RE: Use of uncataloged materials

Steinhoff, Cindy (
Mon, 26 Feb 2001 15:03:43 -0800 (PST)

Our AV cataloging is done by a very part-time cataloger, who is not in the
library every day, or even every week. The acquisitions staff creates a
brief record for the item, barcodes it, property stamps it, shelves it, and
we circulate it that way until the part-time cataloger does full cataloging.
Our volume is low, so this works fine for us.

We do a similar procedure for other books. When a book is ordered, we enter
a very brief bibliographic record and give the item a call number of ON
ORDER. This record is used to record ordering information, including
vendor, purchase order number, and name of requestor. It stays in the
system until full cataloging is completed. We can circulate the book using
this record if necessary, though requests for uncataloged books are less
frequent than for videos. And we have to look just one place to determine
if we own a book or if it is on order, rather than in 2 places, the library
catalog and an "on order" file.

Cindy Steinhoff
Anne Arundel Community College

Kim Hale wrote:

Hello all:

We often get requests from faculty (and students) to use AV
items that are
not cataloged or are "in process". We currently do a manual
charge for
titles that are not in the database, but on occasion, some
materials are
not returned.

Do any of you have specific procedures that you use to
handle this kind of

All comments/suggestions are welcome.



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