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The following items are available for libraries only.
No postage reimbursement is necessary. Please contact
Evelyn Watkins directly to request the items.
Phone: 504-736-2521
Fax: 504-736-2525

A Sand County Almanac (Paperback Book)
American National Standard (First Edition)

CIO (Special Issue & January-December, 1999)
CTI Where Datacom meets telecom (November 1999)
Computer Telephony (June-October 1999)
Electronic Systems Technology & Design (January-May,
Info World
(June-July-August-September-November-December, 1999)
InformationWeek (January-December, 1999) (we have at
least 60 magazines or more for this one)
Intelligent Enterprise (November-December 1998 &
January-February-June-November-December 1999)
Interactive Week
(May-August-October-November-December, 1999)
Network Computing (February-April-June-July-December,
Network Magazine (September-December 1999)
Office Systems 98 (February-December, 1998)
Quality is Free (The Art of Making Quality Certain
Paperback Book)
Server/Workstation Expert (April & May 1999)
Software Development (Special Edition & December 1998
through December 1999)
SunExpert The Server/Workstation Magazine
(January-March, 1999)
Sys Admin (February 1997)
Teleprofessional Magazine (October 1998 & May-December
The Industry Standard (January-December, 1999 &
January-December, 2000) we have at least 60 magazines
or more for this one)
The New American Medical Dictionary and Health Manual
(Paperback Book)

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