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Jessica Rosner (
Fri, 23 Feb 2001 11:35:34 -0800 (PST)

I will leave it to others to send you the copyright section info though it
is very straightforward and even a faculty member ought to be able to
understand it. However I find the part about the fee confusing. Sony does
not licence their films directly but through either Swank ( regular Sony) or
New Yorker ( Sony Classics). Like anything else the fee will vary based on
the title and new releases will be much more exspensive than old ones in
almost every case. I am guessing that the title in question was a recent
Sony classics film as these would most likely be around $350.

Basically the problem is that professor is in a video store mentality and
can't comprehend why a "Video" which they can rent for a few bucks should
cost hundreds to show to an audience. It is very, very difficult to change
this mindset but I would try to emphasize that this is a RIGHTS issue. Ask
them how they would like it if everyone made copies of any books or articles
they wrote, posted them on the internet and used them in classes without
paying them any royalty.

Good Luck


> From: (Maria Koehmstedt)
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> Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2001 10:47:32 -0800 (PST)
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> Subject: Copyright
> Videolibbers,
> Here's the email I need to respond to. The issue I want to address is
> public performance licenses. Claire is the Library Director. Carol
> Knutson is the facutly member who is organinzing the film series, which is
> open to the public. I have emailed and talked briefly with her several
> times about licenses, but we were never able to sit down and make sure
> she really got it. (Her response to a long email explaining about public
> performances led me to believe she had understood, but obviously she
> hadn't.) Carol sent this message to Claire and me.
> I would very much appreciate responses explaining about public
> performances and quoting the Copyright Law that I can forward to Claire
> and Carol and the library administration.
> Thank you,
> Maria
> Carol Knutson writes:
> Claire informs us that we don't need a public showing license if we are
> going to show a film for our students and the community that we don't
> charge admission for. This was my question last term. Last year we paid
> one hundred and fifty dollars for the public showing license of
> Almodovar's film. This year, I requested four hundred dollars from Lara's
> lecture series fund to revive the popular Rainy Day Film Fest at the PAC.
> We discovered, after ordering the films, that we did indeed need public
> showing licenses and that Sony had raised the price to three hundred and
> fifty dollars per film, almost our entire budget.
> My question to Claire, is there a difference in vendor fee? If so,
> could we contact Sony and get a refund? Would you have time Maria to give
> Claire the address and contact name of the vendor so that she can inform
> them of their mistake? Or is there a different policy with each vendor
> that we contact? Would the library be able to write up a policy on film
> orders so that the faculty can know who to contact and how to proceed with
> film orders in the future? Thank you. Carol Knutson, Film Studies
> Instructor