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You got it!!! The "Blockbuster system" is the argument I use
whenever there's a "concern" regarding forgiving fines for a person who
happened to "forget" to return overdue items only to find that their
fine had accrued to $32.00. The fact that someone else may have been
inconvenienced due to their negligence isn't supposed to matter.
I've been doing this job for nearly 12 years, yet it still amazes me
as to what people will do with or to items that belong to someone else,
yet not expect any accountability. I've had videos returned with teeth
marks in the case because "it fell under the couch and the dog chewed
the case!" I've had things returned with coffee or tea stains where
someone obviously used the case for a coaster. Someone borrowed a
multi-volumed video set and left them in his dusty, dirty garage in an
open box. When he finally returned the tapes they were absolutely
filthy! Thank goodness we own a TapeChek inspector/cleaner! Then there
was the patron who took a video for the weekend to visit relatives who
live in another part of the state who "forgot to bring it back with me."
Well, this was in 1996. I guess maybe that part of the state doesn't
have mail service because the video was never returned.
My favorite story occurred last week when a patron placed the video
in its case then attempted to close the case before correctly locking
the video housing onto the "peg" portion of the case. Instead of
turning the video 180 degrees so that it would fit, the case was pushed
together and tape was wrapped around the case numerous times to keep
tape and case intact! Let me see; round hole, round peg--wasn't that
kindergarten entertainment? Correct me if I'm wrong.
Sorry for whining, it's not my style. But, you know, I think I feel


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>>> 02/22/01 09:17AM >>>
I know I'm preachin' to the choir here, but isn't it amazing how
think nothing of renting a movie from Blockbuster and paying $3 a day
fees, but whine if you fine them a dollar on a movie they checked out


At 05:54 AM 2/22/2001 -0800, you wrote:
>In our public library, we still charge $1 per day. We ALWAYS tell
>this when they check out, even reminding patrons who have long
histories of
>checking out video. However, people are always surprised when they
return 3
>or 4 videos 5 days late and have a $5 fine per video. Ouch! However,
>never have overdue videos again. Some of our staff would like to see
>changed. I personally think the $1 is a good deterent, but I am in a
>minority. Staff are claiming that even though the parent is the
person to
>check out, they punish their children by not checking out videos if
>are fines. Our ceiling for video fines is $30 or the price of the
>$30 came from the fact that the ceiling for all other materials fines
was 30
>days. Hope this helps
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>Hi All!!
> I know that this concern circulated on this list last summer but
>need to see what policies, regarding late videocassette returns by
>students, are in place in other academic libraries.
> As it stands now, we charge $1.00 per day per title (no grace
>period) with no ceiling on the fine. There is some concern that this
>may be a bit harsh and a ceiling on AV fines is in order. Any
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