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With respect to some titles, yes. but not all.
Our AV library is non-circulating.
1% - This is from faculty & staff
You name it- it can disappear
Faculty & staff must replace any item lost. Since we have an online circ.
system, all items are checked out via the staff/faculty ID card which has a
library barcode
Since we are an academic institution, all videos are selected on a preview
basis with input from the academic department using that item. If approved
by the Instructor for purchase, we then require said Instructor(s) to use in
their coursework and incorporate title into the syllabus, or guarantee that
said item will be used when said course is taught-each semester. if there is
an update-we notify them for another preview. We also ask that they notify
us if they are no longer using said item.
No. Any title that is academically
related across the curriculum at our institution is a possible purchase
depending upon price, budget and need.
As long as the underlying social, economic, moral issue outweighs the "R"
code, Yes.
This will depend upon the title and use
This will depend on budget and the staff, faculty and or administrator
requesting the title, and for what use the item will be put to.
As a former children's librarian with NYPL, and still reading alot of the
items in this genre, I pick and choose those titles geared for students who
have children and sometimes bring them to our Center when school's out,
there is a recess, etc...
They are usually coming after us for non-payment since we have a
habit, (or should I say our college administration) of paying bills late.

LaRoi Lawton, Director
The Gerald S. Lieblich Learning Resource Center
Bronx Community College
Bronx, NY 10453
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> Sorry, I know how annoying these things are - but would you mind filling
> out?
> Does your library purchase popular videos?
> Does your library use security cases?
> Do you have a problem with video theft?
> What percentage appear to be missing at any time?
> What type of videos disappear most often (popular, childrens, classics,
> etc.)
> Does your library have a problem with staff theft, and how do you deal
> that?
> How do you select which videos to buy?
> Do you buy only nominated or award-winning popular titles?
> Do you buy 'R' rated videos?
> Do you consider box office returns in selecting a title - whether it was a
> hit despite reviews?
> Do you honor patron or staff requests for videos, regardless of reviews?
> Do you use different selection criteria when buying non-fiction videos or
> childrens?
> Do you use a collection agency to try and get materials returned(or paid
> for)?
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