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Mary Salvato (
Wed, 21 Feb 2001 13:35:41 -0800 (PST)

Yes we purchase popular videos
Don't use security cases but a security strip is attached to each video.

There is some theft but no worse that the book theft. I'd guess less than 1% of the collection is missing at any time.

popular & childrens videos disappear most often

Don't have a problem with staff theft.

Reviews in Video Librarian, Library Journal, newspaper, suggestions.

30% of the collection is documentary videos the rest is childrens, foreign films, classics & popular titles.

I buy R rated films but patrons must be over 17 to check them out.

Yes. If the film was a big hit, I buy it even if it received poor reviews.

Patron & staff video requests are usually purchased.



Carlsbad City Library is a medium-sized public library. There are 15,000 videos in our collection.

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Sorry, I know how annoying these things are - but would you mind filling it

Does your library purchase popular videos?

Does your library use security cases?

Do you have a problem with video theft?

What percentage appear to be missing at any time?

What type of videos disappear most often (popular, childrens, classics,

Does your library have a problem with staff theft, and how do you deal with

How do you select which videos to buy?

Do you buy only nominated or award-winning popular titles?

Do you buy 'R' rated videos?

Do you consider box office returns in selecting a title - whether it was a
hit despite reviews?

Do you honor patron or staff requests for videos, regardless of reviews?

Do you use different selection criteria when buying non-fiction videos or

Do you use a collection agency to try and get materials returned(or paid

Ellen Druda
Media Librarian
Half Hollow Hills Community Library
Dix Hills, NY