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American Gas Assn., Amwerican Petroleum Institute, and
American National Standard Instutite. "Orifice
metering of natural gas." 1978 (5 copies)

Berger, Bill. D., and Kenneth E. Anderson. "Modern
petroleum: a basic primer of the industry." 1978 ed.

Cadence magazine. Nov. 1991, Jan. 1998, March-April,
1998, June 1998.

Gulf of Mexico Program. "The environmental and
economic status of the Gulf of Mexico." 1990

Harris, Martin L. "Introduction to data processing."
1973 ed.

Link, Peter K. "Basic petroleum geology." 1982

Manzella, Sharon A., and Jo A. Williams. "The
distribution of Kemp's Ridley sea turtles
(Lepidochelys kempi) along the Texas coast." 1992 ed.

Nolan, Timothy M. "Applied strategic planning in a
library setting." 1987

North American Paleontological Convention.
"Proceedings 1982 conference vols. 1-2."

Staff Directories Ltd. "Federal staff directory." 1994

U.S. Dept. of Commerce, National Marine Fisheries
Service. "Fisheries of the United States, 1997."

U.S. Environmebntal Protection Agaency. "1995
updates: water quality critteria documents for the
porotection of aquatic life in ambient water." (2

U.S. General Services Administration. "FTS telephone
user's guide." 1984 ed.

U.S. Government Printing Office. "Style manual."

ViaGrafix. "Excel: introduction."

ViaGrafix. "Excel: macros."

ViaGrafix. "Windows 3.1: getting started." (2 copies)

ViaGrafix. "Windows 3.1: advanced." (2 copies)

White, Jan. V. "Editing by design." 1974

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