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Hi Sally,

Here are some documentary recommendations. I've included two feature films
("Dirty Pictures" and "Lenny") because they cover a lot of 1st Amendment

"Damned in the USA"

Though the Reverend Wildmon tried to have it stopped by the courts, this
documentary was not only screened nationwide, it won an International Emmy
Award for Best Arts Documentary. This tape looks at the debates fomented by
issues like obscenity and free speech, debates that often embroiled artists
and politicians in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Jesse Helms, Christie
Hefner, 2 Live Crew, Senator Al D'Amato, Andres Serrano, Jesse Helms and
Madonna are just some of the public figures voicing their opinions in this
riveting film.

VHS: S27259 $49.95

Paul Yule Great Britain 1991 126 mins.

"Dirty Pictures"

One of the great censorship debates of recent years is dramatized in this
smart and compelling feature. James Woods stars as Dennis Barrie, the
curator at the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati who, in 1990, booked a
touring exhibit of photography by the late gay artist Robert Mapplethorpe.
Barrie was indicted on obscenity charges for showing the explicit photos and
the resulting trial ignited a firestorm of controversy. Made for Showtime

VHS: S50344 $79.99

DVD: DV66379 $19.98

Frank Pierson USA 2000 104 mins.

"Free Speech for Sale: A Bill Moyers Special"

Bill Moyers and key legal and public interest advocates examine how
industries with deep pockets use their access to the media to overwhelm
public debate, from North Carolina's hog industry to the defeat of the
McCain Tobacco Bill to the passage of the Telecom Act of 1996. What
consequences does this control over the flow of information have for our
democracy? 57 mins.

VHS: S38826 $89.95

"Hollywood Chronicles: Censorship--The Unseen Cinema/Sex in the Movies"

Censorship--The Unseen Cinema examines the struggle for artistic freedom in
Hollywood. From sex to drugs to propaganda, Hollywood has always been under
fire from those who wish to control the content of films. Sex in the Movies
looks at the role of sex and sexual innuendo in motion pictures. Sex symbols
Theda Bara, Clara Bow, Marilyn Monroe and others helped to fuel the
controversy but did not stop Hollywood's portrayal of sex on film. Hosted by
Jackie Cooper. USA, 1991, 50 mins.

VHS: S14839 $19.98


Bob Fosse brilliantly directs this stark biography of self-destructive,
controversial, persecuted comic talent Lenny Bruce. Dustin Hoffman captures
all of these contrary emotions in his portrayal of the late 1950's and '60's
stand-up comedian. Valerie Perrine stars in the low-key role as Bruce's
stripper wife.

VHS: S00743 $14.95

Bob Fosse USA 1974 112 mins.

"Lenny Bruce: Without Tears"

Fred Baker's personal, off-beat documentary about his friend Lenny Bruce.
The film interweaves memoirs and anecdotes from friends and colleagues,
including Steve Allen, Paul Krassner, Mort Sahl, Kenneth Tynan, Nat Hentoff
and Malcolm Muggeridge. "With anger, biting humor and sorrow the film shows
the demise of the iconoclastic comic…so plagued by personal demons" (Linda
Gross, L.A. Times).

VHS: S18517 $19.98

Fred Baker USA 1975 75 mins.

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>I would appreciate any recommendations from the group on documentaries on
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>Thanks in advance,
>Sally Mason-Robinson
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