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Tue, 6 Feb 2001 05:34:45 -0800 (PST)

I would think it would damage your discs to use superglue on them.

Karen Maki
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I have been away from this list for awhile, so please accept my
apologies if this question was answered recently.

Re: DVD security -
3M has sent us the new circular targets for DVDs. However, it will be a
few weeks before we receive the computer chip we require to update our
security gates (to detect the target). The advice we have received
from 3M is to use CD targets on single-sided DVDs & to use the new DVD
targets on those recorded on both sides. Is anyone using the 3M CD
targets on DVDs?
Also, note that we tried a few of the new DVD targets on some of the
samples we had on hand, and found that they do not stick to the product
very well. It would require superglue in 4 places to get the targets to
Is it safe to say that keeping the DVDs behind the desk is best for now,
in lieu of the quick-lock cases for each item?

Thank you.
Karen Maki
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