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I appreciate your playing devi's advocate in all this. Yes, certainly this could have repercussions, which until a day or two ago this Mr. CleanFlicks was totally unaware of. It'll certainly raise consciousness among a lot of people who never gave this sort of thing much thought. I mean, just look at what a discussion this issue has raised here!

In terms of your accidentally taping over SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, I personally would say GOOD FOR YOU! Now the tape can be put to good use! But my personal feelings aside, if you bought the tape legally, the physical item is your personal property. There's nothing to stop you from reusing the tape, or using the vid as a coaster. Heck, even pull out the tape itself and use it to decorate your wall (as a artist friend of mine has done -- no, not with SPR). You don't obviously own the intellectual rights, but that physical item, the tape, the case, the box are yours. Tape over it, shred the box, toss it in the dumpster.
[All expressions regarding Mr. Spielberg, who I'm sure is a wonderful human being are mine alone.]


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Darryl Wiggers wrote:
>Thank you, Trent, for understanding that I'm only playing devil's advocate.
>What makes this whole issue interesting is that, as far as I can tell, no
>one has ever done anything quite like CleanVideo and the copyright laws
>(from what I see) never anticipated this wrinkle. >
>If CleanVideo is successfully nailed it could have all kinds of weird
>repercussions. Think about it. It'll mean that every video in every library
>and home can be scrutinized to ensure that they preserve the intended rights
>holder's version. If I accidentally tape over my copy of Saving Private
>Ryan, and Spielberg finds out, could he have me throw me in jail? If I don't
>like the late fees my library charges, I could borrow a video, do a
>CleanVideo edit, bring it back, call the MPAA and tell them my library is
>fraudulently (whereas CleanVideo is NOT attempting fraud) loaning out
>derivative versions of movies without permission from the copyright
>holders... hey, you tell me. Am I really being silly?
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