Re: VERY interesting copyright article

Jessica Rosner (
Thu, 1 Feb 2001 14:54:11 -0800 (PST)

OK one final comment. It is true that for the most part the artists ie the
directors don't have control over editing or changing of their films but
there are exceptions. Two of the titles cut by Clean Video were Saving
Private Ryan and Schindler's list and I am pretty sure Mr. Spielberg would
NOT have approved of this. Schindler's List was broadcast UNCUT on NBC a
while back. I think he is entitled and is this case powerful enough to
prevent his films from being cut and changed in ways he did not approve.

All of this brings to mind a rather bizzare incident in The Tin Drum
controversy. After the tape was seized from the stores & houses in Oklahoma
City as Child Pornography , I contacted the Academy of Motion Picture Arts
to see if they could write a letter of support. They said that they could
not get involved in "politics" but suggested I contact the Artists Rights
Foundation. This group is made up of all the major directors in Hollywood
and their purported mission is to protect artists rights. They were best
known for testifying before congress to stop colorization and to insist that
disclaimers be put in front of all films that were "altered" by editing ,
pan& scan etc. I sent them the info on The Tin Drum and sometime later I
received a letter from the director and copied to Sydney Pollack who is the
who is the head. The letter stated that while they thought it was
unfortunate that the tape and been seized they really could not get involved
unless the tape was EDITED. I kid you not. It was OK to remove the tape but
NOT to edit it. Essentially the group was set up to shill for directors in
the power struggles with producers but I found it more than ironic that they
were more obsessed that a film might be edited without permission than

So much for artistic expression in Hollywood