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Jessica Rosner (
Thu, 1 Feb 2001 08:08:23 -0800 (PST)

Yes I checked out the web site. I wonder how one can delete in some cases
minutes of footage without a trace. In any case you CAN'T alter copyrighted
work without permission and the instances he cites ( TV, Airline etc) are
done by CONTRACT WITH the copyright holder. You might just as well argue
that since the studios permit public screenings of videos ( also by contract
and for a fee ) that there for ANYONE can screen one publically.

One question for clean video If you can delete footage without permission
why couldn't you add some as well. Remember those pranksters who splice in
some porno flick on a Disney movie and return to the shelves. If you did
this to a legally bought copy of say Bambi , wouldn't this also be OK ( so
long suppose as the porn film were PD). It was all over tv last night and
I think our friends at the MPPA will be going after him.

Jessica Rosner

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> He claims he's NOT duplicating. Heres a FAQ page from his web site: