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Tue, 30 Jan 2001 12:37:05 -0800 (PST)

Hi Julia,

The following titles all contain footage from the HUAC hearings. If you're
interested in any of these titles or if you have any questions please feel
free to contact me at your convenience.


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"Hollywood on Trial"

John Huston narrates this feature-length documentary about the Hollywood Ten
who would not cooperate when accused by the House Committee on Un-American
Activities of communist activities. Appearances by Ronald Reagan, Otto
Preminger, Zero Mostel, and others. 1979, 90 mins.

VHS: S09422 $29.95

"House of Un-American Activities"

>From a maker of "Hoop Dreams"--the riveting story of a filmmaker who looks
for the father he never really knew as he draws on a wealth of family
archives to uncover his father's persecution by the House Un-American
Activities Committee. Also includes Dream Documentary, which uses footage
from other films to create a surreal and foreboding societal landscape; and
Dreams from China, a diary-like film essay shot in the wake of Tiananmen
Square, presenting a paradox of Chinese politics and society.

VHS: S23209 $29.95

Frederick Marx USA 1989-92 52 mins.

"Paul Robeson: Here I Stand (American Masters)"

A fine look at the life of an artist whose great talent was matched by his
integrity and pride. Beginning with his 1956 appearance before the House
Un-American Activities Committee, this program then traces Robeson's
remarkable career as a singer and actor, as well as his lifelong commitment
to democratic ideals and social reform. The government's paranoia concerning
Robeson's outspoken beliefs and attempts to suppress him are also revealed,
and the toll the controversy took on his personal life and career is detailed.

VHS: S38083 $19.98

"Time Warp: 1954"

Ike and Mamie, The Honeymooners, Liberace, The Reagans, Marlon Brando, Betty
Furness, Speedy Alka Seltzer, Creature from the Black Lagoon, the McCarthy
Hearings, the Eniwetok Atoll, H-Bomb blast and more. 79 mins.

VHS: S13147 $19.98

At 12:11 PM 1/30/01 -0800, you wrote:
>I have a student looking for videos with footage from the McCarthy/HUAC
>hearings concerning the Hollywood industry, in particular the testimony of
>John Howard Lawson. I think she would prefer to see straight footage from
>the hearings if possible but any suggestions would be appreciated.
>thanks very much
>Julia Gibbs
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