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Hollywood on Trial
Details the hysteria and paranoia of the blacklist era
through presentation of
key events leading up to the Cold War, actual extensive
footage of the
Hollywood Ten and the 1947 House Committee on
Un-American Activities
hearings on Communist infiltration into the movie
industry, and present day
interviews with formerly blacklisted actors, writers,
producers, directors and
members of the Un-American Activities Committee.

Featuring: Herbert Biberman, Alvah Bessie, Lester Cole,
Edward Dmytryk,
Ring Lardner, Jr., Albert Maltz, Dalton Trumbo, Adrian
Scott, John Howard
Lawson, Samuel Ornitz. Other appearances: J. Parnell
Thomas, J. Edgar
Hoover, Walter Bernstein, Howard Da Silva, Larry Parks,
Millard Lampell,
Ben Margolis, Zero Mostel, Otto Preminger, Ronald
Reagan, Martin Ritt, Gale
Sondergaard, Leo Townsend, William Wheeler, Gary Cooper,
Montgomery, Eric Johnston, Walt Disney, Robert Taylor,
Jack Warner,
Adolphe Menjou, Robert Stripling, Joseph McCarthy. 1989.
90 min. Video/C

from: MPI Home Video, c1989.


Legacy of the Hollywood Blacklist.
Examines the long-term effects of the investigation of
alleged communists
activities in Hollywood by the HUAC. Also includes
interviews with women
whose husbands were blacklisted actors, writers,
producers and directors. 60
min. Video/C 2149

from: Direct Cinema Limited, 1987.

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>I have a student looking for videos with footage from the McCarthy/HUAC
>hearings concerning the Hollywood industry, in particular the testimony of
>John Howard Lawson. I think she would prefer to see straight footage from
>the hearings if possible but any suggestions would be appreciated.
>thanks very much
>Julia Gibbs
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