Sources for animation
Mon, 29 Jan 2001 09:30:50 -0800 (PST)

Dear Kate,

Facets (<A HREF=""></A>) and the
National Film Board of Canada (<A HREF=""></A>) are indeed two excellent sources,

as is the Iota Center in California (<A HREF=""></A>) for some experimental animation

and Cecille Starr (either 802-863-6904 in Vermont or 212-749-1250 in New York
City) has some wonderful animation, which I don't believe she sells through
Facets or anywhere else.

Image Entertainment is putting out quite a bit of animation on DVD these days
-- especially some astonishing Russian and Eastern European animation. Their
website address is <A HREF=""></A>

If you can do PAL, the British Film Institute (<A
HREF=""></A>) carries a lot of
interesting films and they have a wonderful catalog you can get from them.

There is also a wonderful website on animation put up by Absolut Vodka which
has listed the sources for a quite a bit of animation. The website's address
is: (<A HREF=""></A>) though it doesn't seem to be working
at the moment.

What are you looking for specifically?

We just started our classic animation series up again (we have Winsor McCay,
Felix the Cat and Ladislaw Starewicz already) and we're presently working on
the collected works of Lotte Reiniger, Grant Munro and John Canemaker (we're
actually mastering John's work at Audio Plus Video in nearby Northvale early
next month), so I'm pretty well versed on what's available and where. You can
contact me at the email address below and our website, of course, is <A

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